How do you select your caregivers?

Our Personal support worker, caregiver, are carefully screened, certified, and bonded. They go through several interviews; they go to reference and security check, and they do a written exam for us that is about the level of their graduation test in their school and more.

I am located outside Canada; can I arrange Services for someone who lives in GTA area?

Yes, you can. First, we can talk to via video conferencing and WhatsApp, e-mail, and text to explain on how you can go about setting up the service for your loved one. Once you decide to start the service we will require the information about the recipient of the services, we will connect with you and your loved one by video conferencing from the location prior in starting the service and the rest is our part to do.

For now, we might need couple of hours a day and in the future, if we need palliative care will you be able to help us?

Yes, Total Home & Healthcare Services have intensive experience helping clients in their homes or in a facility. We make sure the individual is comfortable as humanly as possible, to create cheerful environment our caregivers create positive surrounding and try to distract them from pain and suffering as well as provide by the same caregiver and try to maintain a familiar surrounding as much as possible, as well as to stay in contact with the family and to provide them with the updates that requires their immediate attention.

What makes Total Home & Healthcare Services unique?

A case worker will be assigned to your case, and you will have a back-office support 24/7. Your Personal Support worker, caregivers are always accompanied by case worker first visit or an introductory visit before they start working.

How fast can service be activated?

We have staff available for immediate dispatched but it is recommended to give us advance notice and take advantage of the free no obligation assessment visit so we can better select the right caregiver for your loved one.