About Us Total Home & Healthcare Services is a Canadian owned and operated home healthcare agency

Total Home & Healthcare Services (THHS), a Canadian organization, has been providing home health care services (daily life help for the elderly and those with special needs) in Toronto and its surroundings since 2006. Our goal is to enable people who want to stay at home and live as they choose, giving them assistance in making it happen, while also reassuring their families that their loved ones are safe and content.

At Total Home & Healthcare Services (THHS), we provide the most appropriate care and support. Everyone is different, so our services are tailored to meet each individual’s unique needs, desires, and preferences. After spending time with clients and their families, we craft a personal plan that meets everyone’s requirements, taking into account family member input. Following this approach since 2006, we have many satisfied customers who can rest assured knowing that their loved ones are in good hands.

Our team of Professionals

All our Personal Support Worker, Caregiver, Registered Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses are certified, (licensed) insured and bonded., received ongoing skills upgrade and advice on how best to serve our clients. Our staff has the mindset of a caregiver on top of the experience and the knowledge they have and they go the extra mile to make sure things are done within our organization guidelines armed with compassion, treating our clients with dignity and respect.

Mission and Vision

To provide excellent quality care for you and your elderly loved one the care you can depend for the most likely situation. Our vision is to be a leader in providing the highest care through home health services customized to best address your individual needs.

Total Home & Healthcare Services value the most compassion, dignity, and respect. We aspire to maintain our client’s dignity, through our commitment to serving with compassion and respect for every individual.

Our office location is close to Sunnybrook & North York General Hospital we participated in sponsoring events and activities before the pandemic in several hospitals including Sunnybrook and North York Hospitals. We also have accompanied some of our clients to Sunnybrook Health Centre (Hospital), North York and other hospitals ranging from doctors visit, day surgery, to a couple of days stay and 24/7 palliative care.

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