Eldercare and Senior Home Support

Eldercare and Senior Home Support

Eldercare and Senior Home Support in Toronto

At Total Home & Healthcare Services (THHS) you will experience the most adequate care and support. Each client is unique, individuals, our services are tailored around the individual needs likes and dislikes. After the initial time we work with the client and during which we talked to the family members, we make a personalized plan that meets the needs of each individual, taken consideration the information also provided to us by close family members, following this approach since 2006, we ended up with many satisfied customers and peace of mind for their families knowing that their loved ones are in good hands.

One of our retired clients requested 24 hours seven days support. He normally gets up every morning at 5 a.m. he takes his own bath and sometimes due to certain situation he needed assistance in the washroom and dressing. Everyday he have his Personal Support Worker prepares his breakfast based on his desires and his allergy precautions. He is accustomed in having breakfast at 6 a.m. and gets the caregiver to remind him about his medication. His normal day is consist of everyday walk around his neighborhood aiming for 5 km every day using his pedometer. He is pretty outgoing person so he strikes a conversation to a number of people (dog walker, parents getting their children to the school) on his way to and from his walk. During our clients walk his caregiver will then prepare everything at home makes everything in order and organized. His Personal Support Worker constantly checks his calendar to make sure everything is well taken in order. Every other week the Personal Support Worker then organized his food stock at home, she makes a list for all the ingredients that are out low in counts and then add to the shopping list. Everyday she does a meal preparation for the client ensuring his well eaten healthy food balanced. The caregiver goes shopping once a week to ensure everything is accurate for her meal planning and sometimes the caregiver gets accompanied by our client to get his extra walk as well as to check if she wants more products in his shopping list and to find any health precautions for his wellness (they will read labels on manufacture product to make sure she gets the lowest sugar, salt and all gluten free product, she will changed products based on his health condition)

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