Personal care

Personal care

Personal care

Our professional personnel are committed to ensuring the highest level of comfort and trust by aiding you or your beloved with day-to-day activities which include grooming, grocery shopping, meal planning and cooking, laundry, dressing, and accompanying you to appointments.

Clients and their relatives can rest assured knowing that our nurses and personal support workers are there to assist with tasks both ordinary and specific. We treat our clients as if they were a part of our own family and strive to build a dependable and respectful bond with those we serve. You can count on us for superb 24/7 care, based on our values of compassion, dignity, and respect.

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Brain injury and mental health care

After an individual suffers from a stroke or acquired brain injury, home care is an important part of proper rehabilitation for successful long-term recovery. Our registered nurses and registered practical nurses provide you with an advanced understanding of various forms of home care to assist you or your loved one in recovery, including an assessment for the need for occupational therapy and/or physiotherapy.

As our first priority, we are sure to address the different factors that need to be taken into account to encourage your maximum recovery potential. Beyond the physical needs that will be addressed, the mental and emotional factors of our clients’ well-being are also extremely important to our staff. Our staff will make sure our clients remain active and happy, to encourage recovery and keep them mentally and emotionally fulfilled.

Our certified personal support workers will offer you the comfort and trust you need by assisting you or your loved one with daily living activities including personal hygiene, grocery shopping, meal planning and preparation, laundry, dressing, and escorting to appointments.

Every member of our team has been trained in stroke and brain injury health care. Our team of nurses and personal support workers is experienced in closely monitoring clients for important symptoms such as changes in behavior, physicality, or speech; seemingly inconsequential signs can sometimes be an indication of something more serious.

Recovering from a stroke or brain injury often requires intensive therapy, frequent appointments, and classes to regain vital living skills. Our health care team is here to take the guesswork and stress out of home care and provide comfort and care for you or your loved one. We are here to assist you or your loved one down the road to recovery.

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Cancer care

Many family members provide home care for their loved one with cancer, which can often be a trying workload to handle by oneself. The comfort of a familiar space and the company of family and friends can come as a huge relief to those dealing with the realities of cancer. Despite the best intentions and love that one has for their loved one, it is sometimes an overwhelming task to try to provide all of the care that a person with cancer might require.

We specialize in providing the right health-care professionals for the different stages of cancer care. Our services include the development of an individualized care plan with a registered nurse, access to medical equipment, assessments to determine whether there is the need for specialized therapy and the assistance of certified personal support workers with daily activities such as meal preparation, personal hygiene, dressing, and light household duties.

Our clients and their families can feel at ease knowing that our registered nurses, registered practical nurses and personal support workers are there to help with day-to-day tasks and more specific needs. We care for our clients as though they were our own family and will work hard to build a trusting and respectful relationship with those we serve. With the cornerstones of compassion, dignity, and respect, you can depend on us for high-quality, around-the-clock care.

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Diabetes care

More than three million Canadians live with diabetes and one in three of these people is unaware they have it. Diabetes often includes medical risks and complications that need to be carefully considered. Diabetes is closely linked to high blood pressure and cholesterol levels that can lead to heart disease and poor vision and high blood glucose levels that, if untreated, can result in kidney failure and nerve damage. Luckily, many of these symptoms can be managed or prevented with proper care.

Our registered nurses registered practical nurses, and certified personal support workers will assist in successfully managing your or your loved one’s diabetes care. We offer essential services such as:

  • insulin administration
  • blood and glucose monitoring
  • cholesterol level monitoring
  • healthy meal planning and preparation
  • foot care
  • personal hygiene
  • home cleaning

Our diabetes care service means you or your loved one can expect to live an active, independent, and healthy lifestyle within the comfort and safety of your own home. Building confidence and trust in our personal support workers and/or nurses and acquainting you or your loved one with their health-care plan are important steps in proper diabetes management and a healthy lifestyle.

We can help you or your loved one to formulate an individualized dietary plan. Because this is a health condition wherein the body cannot properly use and store food for energy, there are some basic, healthy eating tips you can follow to help manage diabetes:

  • Eat three meals per day at regular times and space meals no more than six hours apart. Eating at regular times helps control blood glucose levels.
  • Limit the amount of sugars and sweets you eat, such as sugar, pop, desserts, candies, jam, and honey.
  • Limit the amount of high-fat food you eat, such as pastries, chips, and fried foods. Healthy weight management helps you control blood glucose levels and heart health.
  • Eat more high-fiber foods such as whole-grain breads and cereals, lentils, dried beans and peas, brown rice, vegetables, and fruits.

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Pregnancy and child care

At Total Home and Healthcare Services, we pride ourselves on being able to provide exemplary care to clients of all ages. Our expert support workers offer assistance to new or working parents who need to run errands, relax or may require special support.

Although pregnancy is a time of joy for many, a little extra help is never a bad thing. The anticipation of having a baby can lead to some challenges for expecting parents. Our range of services, some of which are nursing, home, and personal care and foot care, are there to accommodate the variety of needs of your family. Our registered nurses, registered practical nurses and personal support workers are ready to help you with all your pregnancy and child-care needs—from help with household duties to blood-pressure monitoring, babysitting and caring for a sick or injured child when the primary caregiver is away—we are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our CPR-certified nurses and personal support workers have passed criminal record and health checks and are screened carefully to meet our standards. We are committed to offer and accommodate your individual needs and preferences and will work with you to create the best possible care plan for you and your loved ones.

You can depend on us to provide warm and understanding support to you or your loved one during and after pregnancy. Reducing stress and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are extremely important factors in keeping both parents and their babies happy and our main concern is to make the transition as smooth and comfortable as possible. Our staff is dedicated to providing the necessary support to put your mind at ease, whenever and wherever you need us.

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