Palliative (End of Life Care )

Palliative (End of Life Care )

End-of-Life Care (Palliative Care)

End-of-life care is supportive and compassionate care that focuses on comfort, quality of life, respect for personal health care treatment decisions, support for the family, and psychological, cultural and spiritual concerns for dying people and their families.

Our team of caregivers personal support worker are specially trained to help both the person and their family. We have direct support channel open for them 24/7 to be able to assist in all situations. Services provided are but not limited to giving a bath, meal preparation to medication reminder and much more. We also assist medical practitioners to do their part if they need to administer medication and to monitor oxygen and feeding tube if necessary. Our staff also are trained to spot the changes in person status and alert both the medical practitioner and the family to come and spend the final moments with their loved ones. We understand that families need to manage the need to be around their loved one and their busy life. We can help call us anytime 24/7

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